A Reason To Kill – What Would Mohammed Say?

Dubble-Bubble-GumThis morning, I unwrapped a piece of America’s Original, Dubble Bubble. The very thought of that first sweet burst of flavor squishing between my teeth and spilling out over my tongue was making my mouth water.

0-MuhammedBefore I popped it into my mouth, I took a moment to forge its pliable LIFELESS matter into a loosely-defined minute shape of Mohammed — my own mini-protest
to the prophet of a religion which, even in recent times, has spawned such deadly hatred and violence, not just towards my country, but towards humanity in general.

I looked at his little miniature face ….

… and had to pause. I would soon enjoy a burst of flavor from this symbol many of whose religious followers I found repugnant; a small satisfaction at best. Continue reading


Obama’s Amnesty Plan Hits The Texas Skids

This Broadcast Aired Thursday Night, Feb 19, 2015


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obama-glareFor as much as Obama defied Congress, he was easily put in his place by Texas judge, Andrew Hanan, a George W Bush appointee. Federal-District-Judge-Andrew-Hanen-127695821968Hanan issued an injunction halting the implementation of Obama’s Executive Order, ruling that implementation would be impossible to reverse if the plaintiffs in the case ~ a group of 26 states ~ prevailed.

Judge-Andrew-HananObama, the president of the United States, the leader of the ‘free’ world, the most powerful political position on the planet, had no choice but to stand down. Here in America, we call this our system of checks and balances. So much focus has been placed on the battle between Congress and the White House that everyone forgot the judicial branch can render them both moot.

As you know, a train pulling 100 oil tanker cars, derailed a few days ago.

What you didn’t know is that this train actually supposedly had the newer, safer tanker cars intended to prevent accidents just like this one. No one was killed, but this could have been a lot worse as we have seen people killed in the past by similar accidents.

Couch Potatoes Come In All Shapes And Sizes!

Couch Potatoes Come In All Shapes And Sizes!

A new study confirms what I have been saying since the Smurfs and Elmos first sparred over federal unemployment extensions ….. denying unemployment extensions got people off their duffs to the tune of 2 million jobs. Funny how the need for money will encourage such activity …. Sometimes you have to take whatever job you can find and keep looking for the one you want.

George-W-on-brother-Jeb-Bush-I-hope-he-runs-for-presidentSpeaking of waiting for the job you’ve always wanted, Jeb Bush is launching his campaign to keep and honor his family name while stating the obvious: I and my brother are different men.

Taliban Raid

Our combat mission in Afghanistan officially ended in Afghanistan. Big Ceremony. NATO flag lowered. ….. That’s all well and good, but I have one question ….. Why are we stepping up our offensive on the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants?

This Broadcast Aired Thursday Night, Feb 19, 2015


Is Liz Warren Live? Or Is She Memorex?

This Broadcast Aired Tuesday, February 17


Warren1So …. Is Liz Warren a squeaky clean champion of the middle class or is she just like all the others? On a previous episode, I talked about some chinks I have observed in her armor. Tonight we look a little closer. Is she bucking the system or is she starting to play the game?

barack-obama-angry-faceImperialistGames like Obama chastising the Elmos for their education plan …. Or phony claims about ending our era of war …. Or the wholesale purchase of votes en masse …. at taxpayer expense, no less.

Citizenship.docxGames that have taxpayers renouncing their US citizenship in record numbers.

We will be bouncing around these issues and more on tonight’s episode of Jump Right In

This Broadcast Aired Tuesday, February 17


Ready, Fire, Aim … It Is Not Just About Picking Your Battles

This Broadcast Aired, Mon, Feb 16


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Available at Amazon.com

Available at Amazon.com

One of my favorite business books is titled Ready, Fire, Aim, by Michael Masterson. The book discusses the 4 stages of a successful business’s life cycle. The first stage, of course, is the most harrowing as most businesses fail in the first 6 months. One of the biggest internal obstacles to launching a business is the belief that you need ALL your ducks in a row, before you even test the viability of your product or service.

baby-ducks-in-a-row-778033You do need to line up some ducks ….. the necessary ducks ….. but requiring every single duck to be in place before you make a move can prove to be paralyzing.

BoehnerMcConnellThis is the problem I see with the new Elmo majority in Congress. The Elmos passed the XL Pipeline Bill. Great! Then came the DHS bill and the Elmo’s insistence that it contain riders to limit the president’s executive orders on immigration. Suddenly, this one extra duck has got the whole line of ducks confused, bottle-necked, paralyzed.

Road to WHAs it relates to 2016, the Keystone Bill and the DHS bill are a perfect contrast between the right road to the White House and the wrong one for the Elmos.

ginsbergAlso on tonight’s show, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a wine connoisseur ….. I love her even more now. Smurfs may want her to retire so Obama can replace her, but I hope she out-sits even the next president!

28-afghanistan-afpgtNow that our combat efforts in Afghanistan are over we will be stepping up our efforts in ….. Afghanistan? Thangs that make ya go hmmmmmm.

YemenAnd we have to talk about Yemen. In his Purchase of the Union address, the president, as you know, held Yemen up as an example of how his counter-terrorism strategy is working ….. then Yemen fell apart. That’s a problem that just cannot be ignored.

This Broadcast Aired, Mon, Feb 16


The Warmonger Emerges, EnvironMENTALism And Forgotten Red Lines

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WarmongerYo, Obama! Norway called …. they would like their Peace Prize back. The president sent his draft for a War Authorization bill up to the Hill that authorizes the used of ground troops! Yes, you read it right …. I mean left. Of course, Obama has already sent ground troops into Iraq, so this is just after the fact Political CYA.

red lineNow, President Warmonger, about that red line in the desert sand …. Assad continues his chemical onslaught on his own people, dropping barrel bombs of chlorine over Syrian villages. What say you, President Warmonger?

IRSAnd the IRS is at it again, seizing assets, THIS time from small businesses on, get this, a mere whim! Most cases are determined to lack any criminal activity and the struggle caused by these malicious Gestapo tactics is unbearable for many.

And you’ve got to love California. The epitome of environmental care and concern. The armpit of warm and fuzzy blue politics. The home of two-time winning Governor Jerry Brown, a real Greenie’s environmentalist. Cali OilAn impeccable ….. say what? Jerry and the Greenies are at odds? No way!


All this and more on a Thursday night edition of JUMP …. RIGHT …. IN !!!

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Unfinished Business, Limited Time, Undelivered Memos

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BibiKerryWell, we didn’t get to these two blokes this past Monday, so we will start with them tonight. Bibi says he is still coming to DC to speak and Kerry says …. well … he says a lot of stuff.

ISISMeanwhile, ISIS didn’t get the memo that they were ‘On the road’ to defeat. They are stepping up their recruiting and infiltrating even more countries.

barack_obama_foot_in_his_mouthObama says Iran is out of time. Why? Because Obama is out of time. Even his fellow Smurfs are getting a little tired of his presidential foot-dragging.

filibusterSpeaking of dragging, guess what the president wants to do away with that has the Smurfs whispering, “Shhhhhhhhh” ….. that’s right. The filibuster. Say what? Whose side is he on anyway?

All this and more on Wednesday night’s show. I hope you will join us on Jump Right In ….. wade carefully if you must, but remember, in my pond EVERYONE swims at their own risk.

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The Private Sector Comes Through Again! Jobs, ACA, Speeches And Roads

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JobsWhat a nice Jobs Report. Not perfect, but nice. It has a lot of what I look for. Besides job growth, we had signs of less discouragement as 350,000+ people began looking for work again. This led to an uptick in the unemployment rate, but for all the right reasons. That being said, there still reason to raise an eyebrow (or two), but overall, it was a third month in a row of encouraging news.

Obamacare is under attack. We will look at this upcoming Supreme Court Case, King v Burwell. What will happen this time? anti_obamacare_bumper_stickerWill Roberts jump ship again? Will it be Kennedy this time. I’ll tell you why Obamacare opponents should not get their hopes up.The intent of congress will rule this ruling.

GrinchNetanyahuAnd back to Netanyahu …. As the Grinch said about Christmas, maybe this speech isn’t just a speech. Maybe this speech is a little bit more. I wonder which story will have more staying power …. Brian Williams foggy memory or the Netanyahu uproar. In any case, there is now backlash to the backlash and we will talk about it.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry gestures as he asks reporter to repeat question during news conference with Indian Foreign Minister Khurshid at Hyderabad House in New DelhiAnd in that same region, John Kerry says we are ‘on the road’ to defeating ISIS. I think the Allstate Mayhem dude keeps re-calculating Kerry’s GPS. What road is Kerry talking about? Has that road even been built yet? I wonder.


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